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We envision a better India with basic health, education and empowerment to every citizen.
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Working on health, education & livelihood in Rajasthan Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh.
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Government reports indicate that 59 million children between the age group of 6-14 years old do not attend school. Furthermore, official information indicates that just a little over one-third of all children who enroll in grade one manages to reach grade eight. GMF believes that there is no immediate and straight forward solution for children who have been denied their right to education. However, we are convinced that there is no higher priority, no mission more important, than the one of education. Education of children at GMF has to be need-based and demand-driven. Wherever possible, the objective is to bring children into mainstream education. The overriding goal though, is to help children become informed, capable, and responsible citizens of our nation and the rest of the world.

E-shiksha is a compact holistic education program for the under privileged rural children . It’s one of its own kind of initiative in which an air-conditioned bus fully equipped with 15 laptops and video screen goes at the door step of rural SC/ST children and provide them computer education along with life skill education cum personality development course. At present we are covering 150 children from 20 backward villages. Apart of LSE and computer education, this program also provides recreational activities cum educational tours to these children. Motivational sessions are also organized in which top government and corporate officials like district collector G.M, S.D.M are invited for sharing their experiences with students.

Project MUSKAAN : We promote Life Skill Education (LSE) among 500 street and working children in Jaipur and tribal children in the District of Guna, in Madhya Pradesh. With these LSE sessions we wish to arm these children with basic survival skills and also strengthen their capabilities related with Communication, Decision Making, Coping with emotions, Group Dynamics, Substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. Additionally, GMF has established five self-sustainable libraries maintained by the children themselves, in the targeted locations.
LSE Session
Computer Classes
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  1. Self Help Groups
  2. Skill Based Training on various trades (Computer Hardware, Mobile Repairing, Motor Winding)
  3. Bank Linkage for small scale business ventures, such as:
The purpose of imparting skill based training among the most backward and marginalized groups ( rural women and disadvantage youth) is to give them new means of livelihood, help them fight poverty and bring them into the mainstream of the society.

Most recent GMF’s Projects :-

1. UDAAN : Design training among tribal women and market linkage for bulk orders of Uniforms from Corporate, Schools and Universities
2. YUVAA: Impart skill-based training among SC/ST youth on various trades and link them with self-sustainable business models
3. SMART KISAAN: Capacity building of small scale farmers on organic farming (Vegetables) and start their outlets in Corporate Campuses for creating long term self-sustainable business model

Environment Protection (Harit Kranti)
We have been workings on various environmental issues since 2011. Our work is focused on three broad campaigns related to pollution control, sustainable agriculture and preserving the forest.We also aim to spread awareness among school children and youngsters about the importance and benefits of trees and other vegetation and the protection of the environment. Under this program we have planted 500 trees inside and around government school campuses in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. The staff of the schools and the students had an active role in the program and the plan is that these trees will be solely maintained and protected by the children.

Most of the people in Indian villages are dependent on traditional biomass e.g. charcoal, firewood, twigs, straw, crop residues, and cow dung. To meet their household energy need s. whereas the other source of energy like kerosene, electricity and LPG is either too expensive , for these people or is opu of their reach. Thus the conversion of organic solid waste (plant and animal origin) and converting it into biogas, which is used as fuel for domestic use provides an eco-friendly solution to the recycling of solid waste and an alternative to the cheap source of energy to them. Hence every household in Baisundhra village will be provided with 2M3 capacity of biogas.

Research :Research studies these days are gaining unprecedented focus and attention. The very path one traverses in search of authentic solutions to a specific academic problem constitutes what we call ‘research’.Research is important because it gives directions on how to deal with a specific problem. GMF is equipped with a professional research team that has carried out a range of successful research projects in various states of the country. We have unveiled in-depth facts and figures regarding: Under our research programs we have included more than 5000 participants from different sections of the society. We have shared these facts and figures with district, state and national level government, non-governmental and corporate agencies in order to influence related policies and to develop need-based projects for the citizens.

Documentary Movie : Through documentary movies, GMF tries to capture various in-depth aspects of the most backward and marginalized sections of the Indian society. Our main focus is to highlight various successful social stories related to the struggles and challenges of individuals, groups or communities, which have made their own mark through their courage and will power and became role models for other backward sections located at various parts of the country. We also try our best to point out the need-based model projects run by various non-government organizations, PSU's -CSR program or by any individual. We have a professional media team and we have produced various documentary movies on numerous issues such as health, education and livelihood for Maharatna company- Gail (India) Ltd, and international NGO -ICCO.

Cast for Vote : Indian citizens are concerned about the corruption that has crippled our nation. On every tea stall or park, we find people from different age groups discussing about how “dirty politics” is ruining the country. But when it is time to vote, most of these citizens are so busy with their daily routine that they somehow forget or ignore to take an active role in the society. Voting is one of our most important responsibilities as citizens of this country. In order to remind this responsibility to the society, GMF in collaboration of the Election Commission of Uttar Pradesh, District Government Auriya, and Gail (India) Ltd, carried out the election campaign in various districts of Uttar Pradesh. Under this project we have spread awareness among 15000 citizens about the importance of their vote for the 2014 Lok-Sabha elections. We have achieved that through rallies and street plays in various districts of Uttar Pradesh. We have conducted sequels of events in ten different locations in the District of Auriya with the participation of the local government. The locations involved were:
2. Auriya
3. Ajitmal
4. Bidhuna
5. Sahar
6. Atsu
7. Phaphoond
8. Dibiyapur
9. Achalda
10. Erwakatra